What is a freelance recruiter?

The freelance recruitment model explained.


What is a freelancer?

A form of self employment, freelancers lend their skills and talents to a number of clients on a flexible basis. They aren’t employed by a company or committed to a single customer.

Freelancers have the freedom to choose projects they’d like to work on and the clients they would like to work for. They usually work from home, although some rent office space.

What is a freelancer?
Freelancer vs. contracting

Freelancer vs. contracting

Contractors tend to work on fixed term contracts for an end client and typically based from the clients facilities. Paid on a day rate with some fixed KPIs to achieve. Typically paid PAYE or umbrella.

Freelancers on the other hand tend to work for multiple clients at any time and work from their home or rent office space. They are free to work what hours they feel appropriate and are paid on results outcomes. 

How do I become a Freelance Recruiter?

There is no set path to freelancing, but to succeed in any form of self-employment you will need the motivation, enthusiasm and passion for your work to secure clients and build your career from the ground.

Going freelance means setting up your business, completing tax returns, funding payroll services, advertising costs, purchasing I.T equipment and keeping up to date with employment law updates.

fusionfreelancer takes the pressure away through our Start-up, Growth and Scale models to allow you to do what you do best – Communicating with your clients and candidates creating successful placements and getting paid for your hard work. 

Freelancer Support Programme at a Glance

What you get with fusionfreelancer


Telephone Handset

A fully configured handset.  Just plug in and start making calls!



Simply connect up to your wifi and your digital office is ready to go!


Unparalleled Support 

Professional IT support provided by Support on the Spot - a leading UK provider!

Jobs Board


Ignite your portfolio with UK Jobs board access.

HR & Legal

At your fingertips.

Full access to Fusion People's HR and Legal team.

Business Template

We've got your back!

Full access to a suite of professional work templates.



Financial guidance to get you started and keep you going.  We've got you covered! 



In addition to supporting your recruitment business, we'll also connect you with professional payroll providers.

"Working with fusionfreelancer I've been able to expand my recruitment business.  The financial guidance was extremely valuable, and the added benefit of having all IT equipment, business templates and legal support is a huge time saver".     - Julie Howels

Earnings Potential

Input your anticipated monthly net fee income / GP to find out how much you could earn through fusionfreelancer.


Be in control of your clients and candidates knowing you have one of the largest recruitment organisations behind you. 


Work with like minded individuals who want to create their own wealth, work their own way but have a community and network forum. 

Hourly paid/Day Rate Placements

The ability to have your contractors paid on an hourly basis or day rate. Paid weekly or monthly and a compliant model for them to work through.  

Renewable 12 month contract

A 12 month contract offering full support and work models to match your business aspirations. 

You set the targets

NO KPIs! you are in charge of how you operate and what hours you work. As a freelancer your model fits into your work / life balance.   

Start-up, Growth & Scale

Low touch to high touch for you to develop your own business strategy. The ability to upgrade should you require further assistance. 

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